I. Choose the correct question for each answer.

  1. I am a dentist.

a) What are you doing? b) What did you do? c) What do you do?

  1. We went to a party last night.

a) Where you did go? b) Where did they go? c) Where did you go?

  1. It lasts three hours.

a) How long is the class? b) How lasts the class? c) How much lasts the class?

  1. I have three children.

a) How much children you have? b) How many children do you have? c) How children have?

  1. Vanessa gets up at 11:00 am every morning.

a) What Vanessa get up? b) When gets up Vanessa? c) When does Vanessa get up?

  1. They are going to go to New York.

a) What are they doing? b) What will they do? c) What are their plans?

  1. We are studying for our English test.

a) What are you doing? b) What are they doing? c) What do we do?

  1. I am fine.

a) How fine are you? b) What’s new? c) How are you?

  1. He went shopping yesterday.

a) What did he doing? b) What did he do? c) What he did?

  1. I was at school all afternoon.

a) What were you? b) When were you? c) Where were you?

II. Choose the correct preposition to complete each sentence.

  1. What time do we have to pick _ grandma?

a) at b) up c) down

  1. I decided to take _ from work tomorrow.

a) on b) off c) over

  1. When are you going to try _ your new computer?

a) out b) on c) over

  1. Steve was such a bad student he got kicked of high school.

a) on b) in c) out

  1. Will you be able to get without working?

a) by b) up c) to

  1. What do you think will keep him doing that again?

a) by b) on c) from

  1. Let’s not do anything until the problem blows _.

a) up b) over c) down

  1. Did you hear the exciting news?

a) from b) by c) about

  1. Eddie is going to drop _ Desiree.

a) on b) down c) off

  1. Lorenzo works _ Burger King.

a) after b) for c) out

III. Choose the correct verb form for each sentence.

  1. What did you _ that for?

a) do b) done c) doing

  1. I have been __ in San Diego for 10 years.

a) live b) lived c) living

  1. How long has it __ since you last saw your brother?

a) be b) been c) being

  1. What are you to do?

a) go b) goes c) going

  1. When do you think they will _ here?

a) be b) being c) been

  1. Will he be able to to the meeting tomorrow night?

a) coming b) comes c) come

  1. Have they _ dessert yet?

a) eat b) ate c) eaten

  1. Nobody has _ since yesterday.

a) sleep b) slept c) sleeped

  1. Why hasn’t anyone _ the housework?

a) did b) do c) done

  1. Let’s go because Emmy in a hurry.

a) was b) is c) be

Quote of the week: Think about the person you want to be not the person you are. TW

Persistence overcomes resistance.



I: 1) c 2) c 3) a 4) b 5) c 6) c 7) a 8) c 9) b 10) c

II: 1) b 2) b 3) a 4) c 5) a 6) c 7) b 8) c 9) c 10) b

III: 1) a 2) c 3) b 4) c 5) a 6) c 7) c 8) b 9) c 10) c

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