He proveído una lista de 20 adjetivos de características positivas.

affable afable

ambitious ambicioso

attentive atento

compassionate compasivo

confident seguro de sí mismo

conscientiou concienzudo

courageous valiente

dependable fiable

determined resuelto

diligent diligente

enthusiastic entusiasta

generous generoso

grateful agradecido

hospitable hospitalario

humble humilde

industrious trabajador

meticulous meticuloso

optimistic optimista

studious estudioso

tenacious tenaz

Lee las descripciones de cada persona para que veas el uso de las palabras de la lista junto con algunos sinónimos.


Robert is such an easy person to talk to. He has been working at this company for 20 years and is well-liked by everyone. It must be because he is such a good-natured, friendly, affable person.


The teacher who inspired me the most was Ms. Emmy. She was very meticulous. Everything we did had to be perfect. When I did my homework I spent a lot of time making sure that there were no mistakes and all the work was done exactly as she had requested. Because of Ms. Emmy, I am a very studious person who loves school. Isn’t it funny how the most tenacious, persistent, and insistent teachers are the ones we are most grateful for in our lives? Yes, I think it is.


My friend Vanessa is the most ambitious person I have ever met. She really has a great desire to be successful. She is very enthusiastic and passionate about becoming a veterinarian. I know she will be a great animal doctor because she is very attentive, caring, thoughtful, and compassionate. If she continues to be diligent, hard-working, and persistent, she will reach her goal of becoming a doctor.


Desiree knows that she can do anything she sets her mind to. She also believes in herself and is very confident. Desiree’s teacher said that she is a great student because Desiree really works hard to get good grades and is very conscientious, thorough, dependable, and reliable.


People who volunteer for military service, like my friend Lorenzo, are extremely courageous, brave, and gutsy. What really impresses me about Lorenzo is his determined attitude to complete any task given to him. Failure is not an option for Lorenzo. No matter how difficult the task, he remains optimistic and believes that he will succeed.


My brother Greg is very hospitable because he treats me like a king when I visit him at his home. He always prepares a delicious dinner and gives me very generous plates of food and plenty of beer. He has his own business and is unbelievably industrious and productive. Even though he is famous, he remains down-to-earth and humble.

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