El vocabulario especifico de cualquier asunto o materia puede ser nuevo para muchas personas. Por lo tanto, he proveído este vocabulario de bienes raíces. El ensayo usado en este artículo no es consejo, pero es usado para demostrar el uso de cada palabra. Espero que te ayude.

adjustable rate mortgage – hipoteca con tasa ajustable

agent – agente

amortized loan – préstamo amortizado

annual percentage rate – tasa de porcentaje anual

appraise – valuar

appreciation – apreciación

auction – subasta

bankruptcy – bancarrota

certificate of title – certificado de título

credit report – informe de crédito

creditor – acreedor

debt – deuda

duplex – dúplice

equity – valor líquido de propiedad

gross income – ingreso bruto

hazard insurance – seguro contra riesgo

impound account – cuenta de reserva

lease – arrendamiento

lien – gravamen

net income – ingreso neto

prepayment penalty – multa por pago adelantado

property taxes – impuestos de propiedad

teaser rate – tasa incitadora

tenant – inquilino

There are many things to consider when buying a house. Some people like to go to auctions and try to buy homes at a bargain. Other people like to work with real estate agents. Another thing to consider is whether to live in the house or rent it out to a tenant. If you rent your house to a tenant, you will need to set up a lease. Another option is to buy a duplex so that you can live in one unit and a tenant can rent the other unit. Once you own a home you will have to pay property taxes and hazard insurance.

In most cases, people take out loans in order to buy a home. One type of loan is an adjustable rate mortgage. Borrowers must be aware of teaser rates and impound accounts. An amortized loan is usually for thirty years although there may be other options. Some loans even have prepayment penalties. The annual percentage rate will be a factor in determining your monthly payment. Before getting a loan, creditors want to know your gross income and net income. They also check a credit report to see how much debt you have, or if you have had a bankruptcy.

You should appraise a house before purchasing it. Hopefully, through appreciation, you will build a lot of equity. You will also have to make sure that there are no liens on the property and you have a clean certificate of title.

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