Below is a letter written to contest a parking ticket. Read the letter and answer the comprehension questions that follow.

Dear Review Panel,

On Sunday, September 6, 2009 at approximately 12:20pm, we arrived at the entrance gate of the Silver Strand State Beach with the intent of attending our Southwestern College sailing class which is held at the Crown Cove Aquatic Center. When we arrived, we showed our parking pass to the gate attendant and were informed that there was no class due to the Labor Day weekend. After stating my surprise and exchanging brief comments with the attendant, I said “OK, thank you.” and proceeded through the check point.

At no time were we asked to pay a parking fee or informed that the parking pass was invalid. Since I drove 30 minutes to attend class, we took advantage of the beautiful day and went for a walk on the beach. My wife, who was with me, asked if we had to pay parking, to which I responded “No, the pass is valid. That’s why they let us proceed without asking for a parking fee.” So we parked in lot number 1.

A copy of the pass is enclosed, and as you can see, September 6, 2009 falls within the valid dates of Aug. 17 – De. 13, 2009; the time of 12:45pm also falls within the class time of 12:30 – 4:00pm. It is our interpretation of the parking pass and the actions of the attendant that led us to believe that we were not violating any parking rules.

As stated on the ticket, “Told no” refers to whether class was being held or not. It does not refer to the right to use the pass in lieu of payment. Again, there was no request for payment or instruction to leave the parking area.

Enclosed is a check for the $10.00 parking fee, $68.00 for payment of the violation, and a self addressed return envelope to return one or both checks.

It is with complete respect for all laws, rules, and regulations of the California Department of Parks and Recreation that I request the return of both checks based on a sincere belief that no violation was taking place by parking during the valid class time on a valid date without a request for payment by any authorized employee or any instruction to the contrary.

Thank you for your time consideration and judicial interpretation of the imposed violation.

Comprehension questions

  1. Why did the writer go to the beach?

  2. What outcome does the writer want?

  3. Who was with the writer?

  4. When does the class meet?

  5. Where did the writer park?

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Answers: 1) to attend a sailing class 2) a return of the two checks 3) his wife

4) Sundays from 12:30 – 4:00pm 5) in lot number 1

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