Aquí están algunos modismos muy comunes en sus formas básicas. Hay que cambiar sus formas para que acuerden con el sujeto y el tiempo adecuado.

a) actions speak louder than words – hechos son amores y no buenas razones.

Everybody seems to think that Ben is such a nice person, but actions speak louder than words.

b) it’s a small world – el mundo es un pañuelo.

Vanessa: I can’t believe I saw my friend from elementary school when I went to Texas.

Desiree: It’s a small world, isn’t it?

c) to walk all over somebody – tratar a patadas a alguien.

If you show signs of weakness, he will try to walk all over you.

d) to fill somebody’s shoes – ocupar el puesto de alguien.

Emmy was the best teacher at the school. Nobody will fill her shoes.

e) to lose one’s shirt – perder hasta la camisa.

Sam went to Las Vegas and lost his shirt gambling.

f) once in a blue moon – de Pascuas a Ramos.

We go to the movies once in a blue moon.


Complete la historia usando las palabras abajo.

seen hide mind like even though peaceful investigate

spending while climbed

The Island

The day had been a hot one on the island, so I was glad the day was almost at an end. The island was always so _(1)_ at this time, so I was scared when I heard what sounded like a voice. I didn’t know what to do until I realized that the voices were getting closer. I decided I’d better (2), so I jumped behind a bush. I hid for what seemed to be hours. I decided I had to come up with a plan and went to the hidden tunnel I’d dug in case of an emergency.

__(3) I was there I decided it would not be good to go back to my hut. I was sure that the voices I heard were those of people, and I was not sure if they would hurt me. So I decided that the next day I would go out and _(4) the mysterious voices I’d heard. When morning came, I carefully went out to track the voices. I looked around for hours, but I found no sign of people. I began to believe that the voices I’d heard were all in my head, but just as I was thinking this I heard the voices again. I was frozen on the spot and I felt my body become completely cold. My _(5)_ went wild with ideas but my body was still frozen to the spot. I finally got my legs to move and I (6)_ as fast as I could up a tree. Again I found myself waiting for what seemed like hours, and then I heard it again. The voice was below me.

I looked down and saw a man dressed _(7) a captain. He was telling two other men to look for a young boy with dark hair. I was sure the captain was describing me. (8)_ I was scared, I climbed down the tree and asked them what was going on. They told me that my parents had been looking for me for the past two years and that they were there to rescue me. I couldn’t believe it, my parents alive! The last time I’d __(9) them they had been in the water with me, barely alive. I’d managed to hold on to a piece of our tiny boat after it had been destroyed in the storm. I was so happy I couldn’t wait any longer. I begged the captain to take me to my parents. I knew at that moment that having a family was the most important thing in my life. (10) all that time alone on the island taught me that family is a precious thing to have. I was happy to be going home!

Quote of the week: The harder you are on yourself, the easier life is on you. TW

Persistence overcomes resistance!

Answers: 1) peaceful 2) hide 3) while 4) investigate 5) mind 6) climbed 7) like 8) even though 9) seen 10) spending