I. Complete each sentence with one of the following phrasal verbs which appears with its meaning. Phrasal verbs must be put into the correct tense.


tie up immobilize take off leave

try out audition show up appear

blow over be forgotten go through suffer

hang up end a phone call have to must

bring on cause put down release

put off postpone look after care for

stand by wait pick out select

look at observe tear down destroy

keep on continue get over recover

get by survive kick in add help

  1. It will be a long time before the negative publicity _ .

  2. Do you think he is going to _ at the meeting tomorrow?

  3. All of the emergency crews are _ for instructions.

  4. That man hasn’t moved at all. What is he _ _?

  5. Nobody answered so I __ _.

  6. _ the best ones and throw the rest away.

  7. His parents are very wealthy, so he has never _ _ pay for school.

  8. I was _ _ yesterday because we had a major problem at work.

  9. Nick played a great game today even though he is __ a cold.

  10. They _ _ playing even though it was raining.

  11. Every one is going to __ _ some money and buy a nice gift.

  12. The problem was __ _ by a rapid change in temperature.

  13. We know what they are . It happened to us last year.

  14. Before construction is started, everything needs to be _ .

  15. You won’t be able to _ _ by eating only one small meal a day.

  16. Please _ __ the knife before you end up hurting someone.

  17. Don’t _ until tomorrow the things you can do today.

  18. Before they _, be sure to give them directions to the house.

  19. Have you ever _ for a sports team?

  20. Who is going to __ __ our pets if we go on vacation?

II. Cross out the one word which is unnecessary in each sentence.

  1. For to go on a long trip, you should drive a very reliable car.

  2. My brother he is going to visit us next month.

  3. Do you think that the happiness is more important than money?

  4. We bought this house because it is near to the best school.

  5. Where are you at?

  6. Let’s look very closely at his past work history before we hire him.

  7. Our family loves are swimming in the lake during the summer.

  8. The only thing I don’t not like about my job is I don’t get enough hours.

  9. Be going to school is a lot of fun.

  10. It’s is not unusual for people to change careers three or four times.

Quote of the week: Act as if the whole world were watching. TW


I. 1) blows over 2) show up 3) standing by 4) looking at 5) hung up 6) pick out 7) had to 8) tied up 9) getting over 10) kept on 11) kick in 12) brought on 13) going through

14) torn down 15) get by 16) put down 17) put off 18) take off 19) tried out 20) look after

II. 1) for 2) he 3) the 4) to 5) at 6) past 7) are 8) not 9) be 10) is

Persistence overcomes resistance.


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