Espero que los siguientes ejercicios te ayuden a mejorar tu inglés. ¡Diviértate!

A. Choose the correct pronoun.

1.My brother and _ went to the library last night.

a) I b) me c) we

  1. Sue, Kim, and Bill invited to the party.

a) I b) me c) they

  1. Uncle Lorenzo sent us the tickets, but _ have not arrived.

a) it b) they c) he

  1. Does your father let you use _ car?

a) his b) he c) him

  1. Why is always so hot in the gym?

a) its b) it’s c) it

  1. Don’t forget to give them __ books.

a) there b) their c) they’re

  1. The teacher wants to meet with you and _ after class.

a) I b) me c) us

  1. Can you please explain _ to ?

a) me…it b) you…me c) it…me

  1. What does _?

a) it mean b) mean it c) it means

  1. When we arrived, Steve told what to do.

a) we b) our c) us

B. Match the meanings from the lists below.

  1. It grows a) Despiértate

  2. They would believe b) Se parecen

  3. He said c) Nos fuimos

  4. We left d) Están yendo

  5. It seemed e) Volveré

  6. I will return f) Crece

  7. It was fluttering around g) Sacudía

  8. They are going h) Limpiaremos

  9. I am i) Regreso

  10. Wake up j) Estaba zumbando

  11. He drank k) Creerían

  12. It used to shake l) Tomó

  13. I come back m) Soy

  14. She will stay n) Dijo

  15. They worry o) Huele

  16. They look alike p) Nací

  17. It smells q) Se quedará

  18. I was born r) Llueve

  19. It rains s) Se preocupan

  20. We will clean t) Pareció

C. Choose the correct preposition for each sentence.

  1. We live _ San Diego.

a) at b) on c) in

  1. I have been studying English _ 2005.

a) since b) from c) for

  1. I have been studying English __ three years.

a) since b) from c) for

  1. Hurry up! Get _ the car.

a) in b) on c) with

  1. Hurry up! Get the bus.

a) in b) on c) with

  1. I was born February 23, 1936.

a) in b) on c) at

  1. I was born February.

a) in b) on c) at

  1. Are you prepared _ the test?

a) at b) about c) for

  1. We have a lot of work to do and it won’t be done _ Friday.

a) after b) since c) until

  1. Thank you your help.

a) for b) by c) with

Answers: A: 1.a 2.b 3.b 4.a 5.c 6.b 7.b 8.c 9.a 10.c

B: 1.f 2.k 3.n 4.c 5.t 6.e 7.j 8.d 9.m 10.a 11.l 12.g 13.i 14.q 15.s 16.b 17.o 18.p 19.r 20.h

C: 1.c 2.a 3.c 4.a 5.b 6.b 7.a 8.c 9.c 10.a

Quote of the week: It’s not what you have that matters, it’s who you are that means the most.


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