We have seen how older white men feel–they are mad. How about the rest of
us, the silent majority?

President Obama, we have waited long enough. Now is your moment to take
decisive action. Every day that we don’t have humane immigration policies, 2
people die crossing the U.S.-Mexico border and 1,000 human beings are
deported, devastating families. Basta! Enough!

We will always know who is with us, we will always know who is against us,
but we especially know those who stood by silently and did nothing-including
those who did not vote on Tuesday. As expected, the Republicans have taken
over the Senate and now control Congress.

Angry white older men have
spoken–how about the rest of us? We, the majority, should not only be
angry, we should be furious. Old white angry men who voted in droves in the
midterm do not speak for me, they do not speak for the majority of this
country. Where are those who truly represent our country? We should be
furious. We can no longer be silent. 

We have seen what silence can do: an election stolen in Florida, an inhumane
invasion of Iraq, the building of the wall of death on our Southern border,
corporations financing elections, denying the vote to those who need change
the most, not honoring the civil rights act of 50 years ago.

We can no longer be silent; we all need to speak out. Speak for our African
American brethren in Ferguson, speak out for our refugee children in
Murrieta, speak out for the LBGT community when they want to marry, speak
out for our Muslim neighbors when they are outcast. WE CANNOT BE SILENT!

We cannot let the far right continue to dominate the talking points and frame the issues.

Our voices must be heard.

Mr. President, honor your promise of executive action. Act, and act BIG!
Each day that we do not have humane immigration policies people die,
families are separated, and our country is diminished.

Justicia, Si Se Puede!

Enrique Morones