I. Cada una de las frases tiene una palabra que sobra. ¿Puedes encontrarlas?

  1. I am going to go to the store for to buy some milk.

  2. My family it is from New York.

  3. My sister is going to get married with to my best friend.

  4. Yesterday, the teacher explained me how to calculate averages.

  5. The exercise is needed to have a long life.

  6. I go running always every day.

  7. If I need money, I always ask to my father to lend me some.

  8. The people need water in order to live.

  9. Don’t forget to call to your mother.

  10. My friends they are graduating from college next year.

II. Pon la preposición adecuada en cada frase.

  1. We live _ Main Street.

  2. We live _ San Diego.

  3. Did you remember _ turn off the store?

  4. They have to get very early so let them sleep.

  5. Athletes have to be good shape.

  6. I don’t agree _ you.

  7. Why are you staring __ me?

  8. The meeting was not planned. They just happened to meet _ chance.

  9. John has been absent _ school for two weeks.

  10. I like to sit _ the big dinning room table when I eat dinner.

III. Pon el verbo en el tiempo correcto.

  1. Have you ever _ (be) to Canada?

  2. When are we going to (go) home?

  3. Yesterday, I did not __ (do) all my homework.

  4. She usually __ (eat) a big breakfast every morning.

  5. I was _ (watch) the game while I was eating dinner.

  6. We have been _ (live) in California for 11 years.

  7. He has not _ (sleep) all day.

  8. Why __(be) they always talking so much?

  9. He _ (wake) up late yesterday.

  10. They have _ (do) everything possible.

IV. Usa una de las palabras abajo para llenar los espacios. outweigh, despite, in order to, whatever, eventhough, therefore

(1)__ learn a foreign language, you must practice reading aloud (2)_ it may be difficult.

(3)_ all the challenges, you can become proficient in a second language with dedication, desire, and persistence.

The rewards of being able to comunícate in another language greatly (4)__ the time and effort needed to achieve your goal. (5)__, I encourage you to do (6)__ is required to read, write, speak, and understand English.

V. Usa un “phrasal verb” de la lista abajo para llenar los espacios.

blow up go by live through pass on look up

run for show up take on tear down take up

  1. Do you think we can _ my office? I need to drop off my report.

  2. You need to __ the news to everyone in your department.

  3. I want to _ public office one day.

  4. If the tank gets too hot, it will .

  5. I don’t think I can _ any more responsibilty

  6. My son wants to sailing as a hobby.

  7. We need to _ the information on the computer.

  8. I heard they were going to the old building.

  9. Are you going to at work tomorrow?

  10. Strong people can _ any difficult situation.