The part of voicing the scary-looking but loving T-Rex named Nash, in the Disney Pixar animated film “The Good Dinosaur” (2015), now available on Blu-ray/DVD, surprisingly came to actor A.J. Buckley after director Peter Sohn saw him on the drama television series “Justified”.

“I played a murderous sociopath on ‘Justified’ but Peter thought my voice quality would suit Nash in the film,” Buckley shared with El Latino San Diego.

“Who would have thought that playing such a villain would put me in a kids Disney-Pixar movie, you just never know what role will get you your next job,” he added.

Nash, a short, obese, orange-yellow T-Rex and his family, are part of the adventurous and emotional journey Arlo, the fearful Apatosaurus we all fell in love with, takes with his wild and unlikely human friend Spot, to find his way back home.

“This is what I love about Pixar movies, their ability to create these larger than life characters but bring such a human story to it, where everyone can relate. I have not met one person that hasn’t seen the movie and cry, get chocked up or be affected by it, that is a great thing,” the actor said.

Being part of the Pixar-Disney family now, Buckley said, “it’s a dream come true” as he’s been a fan of all the movies they’ve done, especially Toy Story.

“When I heard I would be voicing a T-Rex I jumped at the opportunity, I am truly grateful for this whole experience”, Buckley said.

The Good Dinosaur, which went out on Blu-ray/DVD sale at the end of February, is “fully loaded with so many behind the scenes, with greatness. You get to see the scale of how this movie was made and the things that didn’t make the cut.”

Ernesto Lopez