Acclaimed Latino comedian George Lopez made his return to the small screen on March 30, in the new half hour comedy series “Lopez” on TV Land, in which the actor plays himself and touches on his struggles with “alcoholism”, parenthood, fame and his barely there dating life.

“This show is a great vehicle for me to look at my life, show it and get some humor from it, maybe some people can relate to it and say, ‘I have that same problem,’” George said in an interview with El Latino San Diego.

“I used to try to live my life private, but I then realized that was not the option,” he added.

«Lopez», which is also executive produced by George, also revolves around the comedian as he struggles with wanting to give back to the Latino community where he grew up, but also feeling as though he can never satisfy all the demands placed on him by both the celebrity world and his hometown.

He navigates these worlds with the help of his driver, Manolo (Anthony “Citric” Campos), his manager, Olivia “Olly” Michaels (Hayley Huntley), his annoying and nosy next-door neighbor, Stephen (James Michael Connor), who never seems to be happy with anything George does, his friend and opening act Maronzio (Maronzio Vance), and his expressive teenage daughter Erica (Ashley Zamora).

“This type of show has never been done before. TV Land asked for the real George, the George that nobody sees, and that’s what they got”, the comedian pointed out.

“Lopez” is George’s third autobiographical show, on “George Lopez” (ABC), which ended in 2007, the comedian explored his tormented relationship with his grandmother, and more recently in Saint George (FX) he covered his life as a newly single father.

About Latinos being more on demand for Television, George mentioned that he is pleased with how far things have come along, because up to 20 years ago there was a lot of “friction” between Latino artists in Hollywood.

“There was a lot of competition because there were not a lot of parts (for Latino actors),” George explained. “There is a lot more unity now”.

For “Lopez,” George said he helped open doors for other Latino actors, including Sal Lopez (American Me) and Del Zamora (Robocop) who will be guest starring later in the season.

“Lopez” is on every Wednesday at 10 p.m. on TV Land, to learn more about the series visit