George Lopez returns to the small screen on March 30 starring, and executive producing, the 1/2 hour comedy series «Lopez» on TV Land.

The show revolves around Lopez (playing himself) as he struggles with wanting to give back to the Latino community where he grew up, but also feeling as though he can never satisfy all the demands placed on him by both the celebrity world and his hometown.

He navigates these worlds with the help of his driver, Manolo (Anthony “Citric” Campos), his manager, Olivia “Olly” Michaels (Hayley Huntley), his annoying and nosy next-door neighbor, Stephen (James Michael Connor), who never seems to be happy with anything George does, his friend and opening act Maronzio (Maronzio Vance), and his expressive teenage daughter Erica (Ashley Zamora).

«Lopez» premieres March 30 at 10 p.m. on TV Land.